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Meet PRINCESS, she did great in her previous foster home with their resident dog after decompressing and proper, slow introductions with other dogs.

No personal space? No problem! Princess will sit anywhere, on anything! Including our resident dog, Princess absolutely adores our resident dog, she gets so excited to see her each morning and afternoon and will sometimes even gently lick her face when greeting her.  She would love to have another doggy sibling in her home, but she would also be just fine as an only fur child because she also loves her people.

We have had several people visit our house and Princess has loved each of them. The exception was a bigger man, but she showed no aggression, only some shyness. She does tend to jump when excited but is easily corrected. This sweet girl also just LOVESSSS to give kisses. Endless kisses!

Some things never change, and one of those is that Princess still loves rolling around the grass to her heart’s delight! She also has the funniest zoomies when she is feeling extra spicy.

This girl is a foodie and loves any and all food, she isn’t picky! She is also a great kitchen helper and will watch you quietly in the kitchen in hopes of a sample!

Princess is all ready for her forever home and would fit well into just about any family.