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Manni is looking for the PREFECT home.

Manni is fully trained, he is crate trained, potty trained, and fully vetted. Manni LOVE peoples especially little people (kids). He wants a home where he can cuddle in bed with you and have endless snacks. He is the prefect travel size, loves to hike, but can lay around the house all day.
Manni was severally attacked as a puppy which lead him to be surrounded to the shelter. He needs to be the ONLY pet in the home because he resource guards anything of value in HIS home.
He is VERY neutral with dogs outside of the home.
He can go to dog events, dog friendly locations, or even do training sessions with other dogs with no issues. He isn’t a very dog social dog and really only seeks attention from people.
He is looking for the perfect family and really the BESTEST boy.