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We are still decompressing, learning about this gal, and working through the end of a heat cycle!! 🙌 She is really a gem. Lady bug was roaming the streets of Fayetteville NC…. For some time. We didn’t know what we would have, and neither did her founders. I posted about her, that she was no one’s dog.

We have all faith she will absolutely be the love of someone’s life!! Ladybug is the sweetest gal. 🐾 Very young, approx a year old 🐾 She does not mess with cats, they scare her 🐾 She is good with other dogs 🐾 she is good with kids 🐾 Once she has been spayed she will be ready for her furever home.

You can visit ladybug at Piticorn, she comes with me some days, and this week, we will see how she does with Shai in the store 😬 Ladybug has the most soulful eyes. She is finally able to be trusted on lead for potty breaks, and soon she will graduate to the play yard for play time. Apply below to set up a meet & greet with Ladybug.