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Betty is about a year old, she was rescued from a kill shelter in NC.

She’s fully vetted and very healthy, active pup weighting about 38 lbs. She’s got the softest white fur and heart shape mark on her nose, and loves neck rubs. Her tail has a wonky curl at the tip that makes her very unique.

She enjoys playing with her toys and searching for the squeaky part of pull out of them. She loves running freely in the yard, and playing tag with the cat when no one is watching.

She’s potty trained and enjoys sleeping in her crate. She’s currently in training classes to learn some more commands, but she’ll very quickly sit for a treat, and uses a doggie door with no problem, as well as enjoys getting her gear on and jumping into the car for a ride. Leash walking is a work in progress as she’s easily overstimulated around the neighborhood. Tuck-in time every night involves a peanut butter treat, which she loves.

Betty is very sweet and charms every human she meets, but she can be reactive to some dogs. She’ll probably do best in a home where she is the only pup, as she loves all the attention.