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Tootsie is just as sweet as the candy she is named after suggests. She was surrendered to MAS back in February with a litter of 7 week old puppies. So thin and frail, terrified, and heartworm positive. She must have been the best mama because she is so nurturing. She has come so far since then! This sweetheart’s happiness comes from making new friends. She LOVES all people and dogs of all shapes and sizes.

On nice days she enjoys sitting on the porch and wagging her tail while she listens to the neighbors kids at play so we believe she would do fine in a home with children but can be a bit jumpy when excited. NO cats or small animals. She may be approaching 7 years but this gorgeous little hippo shows no signs of slowing down. She enjoys rough housing with all of her foster siblings and taking laps around the yard with her best bud Princess. She does well off leash in her own yard and has excellent recall.

This dog is incredibly smart and picks up on things incredibly fast. Any new commands we have taught her she has learned after just 1 or two training sessions. She walks on leash incredibly well but will pull when she sees a new potential friend. In the home she crates well and even waits in it patiently while her meals are prepared.

Her only qualm is she is a super chewer but she is getting better. “Puppy proofing” is still recommended. She bonds very closely with her people and demands attention. She loves sitting in your lap and getting head scratches. She would do well in almost any home as she is happy to go on hikes but is just as happy being a couch potato. Her energy level is moderate and very manageable. Tootsie Roll’s big gummy smile would brighten anyone’s day.