Tarzan is a 4-5-year-old pit mix!
From his foster:
Tarzan (aka piggy boy)

This sweet fella wants nothing more than to be loved and to be part of a family! He loves spending time with his people, whether that’s playing and running around or hanging out on the couch relaxing. As long as he has someone to give him lovings, he’s happy! He has also shown to be an excellent guard/alarm dog for his home and people and is always the first to alert if something goes bump in the night, but also sits back once we tell him it’s okay 

He LOVES toys, but even the “tough” toys aren’t tough enough so we run through them pretty quickly his favorite game is tug of war (which is how his toys get destroyed so fast) so we have LOTS of rope toys for him!

Tarzan loves his foster siblings and enjoys being a part of the pack, but I think he would do just fine being an only child as well! He loves his playtime with his buddies but is always ready for a snuggle with his people 


This fella has proven to not be super fond of his kitty siblings, so we advise him to go to a kitty-free home!