Margaret's Saving Grace Adoption Success Stories

This is Harley. Harley is the first for their program Pets4vets. She is such a great addition to our family, and I believe a comedian in her previous life as she can be really funny and act like goofy at times. MSGBR does an awesome job with uniting these awesome future family members with their future family. MSGBR also goes above and beyond to make sure the dogs are in the best health possible.

This is Nayeli the newest of the pack. I’ve adopted from other foster groups and by far Margaret’s is the best. Wonderful with the fur babies and very responsive to the adopters. I am so glad to have found you all.

Avery is a great dog for us, and if it weren't for the dedication of the crew at MSGBR, we wouldn't have considered a bully, but so glad we did. She was definately loved at MSGBR and they are dedicated to the dogs.

Dean is from Hope’s litter. Dean is the absolute best puppy I have EVER encountered!! He has manners that we didn’t teach him! He loves every person he’s met. He loves kids too. He is so patient with them. He sits instead of jumps. He loves other dogs as long as they aren’t barking at him, LOL, he shys away from those ones. He doesn’t have an aggressive bone in his body. He loves his cat brother but does try to get him to play like a puppy, it doesn’t work LOL. Dean has brought so much joy into our lives. I just love my baby boy so much. I thank Amanda and crew for rescuing his mother and siblings and doing such an excellent job in raising him because he is just the sweetest!!

This is our princess Sara, formerly Diamond. She’s stolen our hearts and our goal is to spoil her rotten. She’s one of Demi’s pups. We had a wonderful experience with MSGBR and are so grateful for their efforts. They truly due amazing work.

Pretty Pearl is laying on my pillow (she’s most definitely not spoiled lol). She has the sweetest temperament and working with this rescue was a dream. They answered any and all questions we had and it is so apparent how much they want to make sure these fur babies get a forever home and take care of them until they do.