Stromboli goes by many names in his foster home; Strommie, Strom, Strombo, Strommie-Stroms, Troms, Trommie, so we say he is polyonymous, which is the term for someone who goes by many names.

Strommie came to MSGBR when we went to the aid of dogs in a hoarding situation masquerading as a “rescue”. This was a situation wherein dogs were badly abused, but he is blossoming in his foster home, making him an overcomer. While we do not know his whole story, his foster mom believes that he was cared for before he was in the hoarding situation, which likely made the experience worse for him. He has not walked an easy road so far, but we are grateful to be able to help him find his way to his forever home now and provide loving care for him as he waits.

He is VERY food motivated and will eat anything he can get his paws on – the acquired taste of cicadas included! He can help you improve your diet because he enjoys fruits and veggies. So, add dog safe produce to your grocery list, and you and Strom can eat some of the same foods. His foster mom mixes dog safe steamed veggies in with his food and some warm water, with a bit of sardine for his skin. He experiences some dandruff and itch, which a carefully planned diet can help alleviate.  Since his meals are not just kibble and strategic menu selections can support his skin health, we say he is searching for a personal chef.

He will also force you to keep your kitchen tidy because he is a counter surfer and a garbage digger – he can reach the counters and will grab things off them or out of uncovered trash cans.

Strommie LOVES his walks, so his ideal adopter would commit to giving him this exercise daily. Since his fur is thick, it is best to take him in early morning or after the sun has gone down. In summer, he needs shorter walks and bringing water is recommended.

He walks well on a leash in general, but he is strong and stubborn and has a prey drive, so he needs someone who could pull him along if a squirrel or cat captured his attention. His foster mom says that his leash is slack most of the time as he plods along beside her. In his foster home he is typically walked once in the morning and once in the evening.

At the end of a long walk or up a long flight of steps, he tends to need a helping boost to go up the stairs. Although he has some extra weight on him which contributes to his difficulty climbing stairs, he has already started losing weight in his foster home. With the loving care he receives there, he will achieve his ideal weight. His energy level is improving and he can now get up on an ottoman by the window that he loves to look out to watch the world go by from. Its amazing what losing a little weight has done; we can only imagine how much better he will feel when he reaches his ideal weight!

His foster mom says that he does not like to be hugged around the neck or to “feel trapped” physically, but when he’s relaxed, he allows lots of scratches. She is working with him to get him used to having arms around his neck but lets him go right away so he knows he’s not trapped; short and sweet sessions are the best for socializing.

Strom goes on car rides with his foster family. Due to his size, he is a little clumsy in cars and sometimes needs a little help getting in and out, but he’s getting better.

Strommie is a sweet boy and an absolute love. His foster mom says that he just wants to be nearby and often sleeps under her desk on her foot. His foster mom also says that he loves to roll around on his back in their back yard; he hopes to have a nice yard in his forever home too. His foster family calls him a bear cub because that’s what he looks like when he runs around the yard.

When his foster family comes home, they say he turns into a puppy – he grabs the first thing he seems (stuffed animal, shoe, etc) and prances around and plays. He loves to chase a ball down the hallway, but he’ll only do this for a few minutes and then he’ll turn back into a “lounge lizard” once he knows his foster family is sticking around.

He has not shown separation anxiety but Strommie doesn’t like thunder; he will try to be near or under a human as much as possible during a storm.

He has the habit of lying in front of doors, so his foster family has learned to be careful when opening the door from either side so his paws don’t get crunched.

Strom has not chewed on anything inappropriate in his foster home. A remnant of his previous hard life is that his teeth are filed down. His foster mom says that he plays limited tug-o-war and does not seem to like chew toys or anything for very long.

His foster mom is working with him to reach the point where he will allow her clean his ears and brush his teeth. His nails need to be kept trimmed. He does shed and needs to be brushed thoroughly with an under coat brush a couple times a week.

Strom has shown no food or toy aggression (resource guarding) at all in his foster home. His foster mom says that he likes the security of knowing that he doesn’t have to be the protector; this means Strom will do best with an adopter who knows how to be the alpha by doing things such as having him sit and wait for meals, making him wait at doorways for them to exit first, etc.

When it comes to other dogs, he either ignores them if they’re walking by on the other side of the street or he is very wary as they sniff each other. A friendly loose dog came up to him and his foster mom at the park and he gave a little growl, and while it might not be more than that, if other dogs are in your family, proper meet and greets would be crucial. Since he came from a hoarding situation, he likely had to defend himself against other dogs, so it makes sense that he is a bit wary of them.

During an interaction with a smaller dog he pounced on her, so he is not recommended in homes with smaller dogs.  

In May Strom had surgery to remove a mass under his belly. The procedure went well and he is now ready to go to his forever home!

His foster mom says he is a really good dog and deserves someone who will love him like crazy. He loves freedom and safety, and wants to live comfortably in a forever home. If you can give that to him, apply to adopt him today! He cannot wait to meet you either <3 

If Strommie has left paw prints on your heart but you cannot adopt him, please consider sharing his information on social media to help him find his forever home and donating towards his care while he waits for his forever family to find him. 

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