Water Buffalo Horn – Grain-Free, 100% Natural Treat & Chews


If your dog can chew through anything, provide them with a new challenge with our healthy Water Buffalo Horn, perfect for the strongest jaws, & an excellent source of protein, calcium, and phosphorus. While your dog works to chew the Buffalo Horn, they are massaging their gums & reducing the buildup of plaque & tartar on teeth. This chew is perfect for dogs who chew up anything.

  • Sourced from 100% Natural Water Buffalo.
  • Horn contains 14% more protein than Beef.
  • 89% less fat than Beef.
  • Helps to remove tartar from dog’s teeth.
  • Ideal for aggressive & power chewers.
  • Training dog chewing toys & treats.
  • Enriching calcium & phosphorus.
  • High protein & low-fat content.
  • Made from bone & keratin.
  • Single-Ingredient dog chews.
  • Made from bone and keratin.
  • Excellent for dental hygiene.
  • Free from artificial flavors
  • No added preservatives.
  • No steroids/hormones.
  • Grain-free, Gluten-free.
  • Non-Staining dog chew.
  • Hard & Long-lasting.