LANDSCAPING SPECIALIST SEEKING GARDEN AND FAMILY OF HER OWNMolly came to MSGR with puppies and an injured paw. She was such a good mommy to her puppies! Her puppies have all been adopted, so now its her turn to be the baby and find her happily ever after!

We like to say she is a gardener because she loves “helping” her foster family in the yard by digging holes and chewing sticks. With training, maybe she could dig holes for someone who enjoys gardening as they are planting and fetch sticks. Molly is great with kids and cats. She does well with puppies. She is okay with most adult dogs but not all dogs; she could be happy as an only dog, or if your family includes other dogs, meet and greets would be crucial. Molly has shown some resource guarding with other dogs and food when the other dog growled at her; if she is adopted by a family that includes canines, that adoptive family would need to be prepared to work on training with her on this.

She is very playful and her foster mom says that she is far from rough when she plays. Molly loves toys of all kinds. Her foster mom says that she loves any toy that she can prance back and forth with in her mouth and is a silly girl. Her favorite toys are squeaky. Her favorite snacks are pig ears and bully sticks. Molly is super smart and her foster mom says that she listens very well. She knows how to sit and shake and is willing to do almost anything for a treat, which makes training fun and easy. If she barks or anything and her foster mom says “Molly leave it”, she will leave it and come right to her.

She is very lovable and just LOVES being anywhere people are! She is all about cuddling. Her foster mom says, “I am positive that she is going to be the best girl for whoever gets her!!!!” She does well in the bath, which is good to have a willing participant when she gets dirty from helping in the garden!

Her foster mom says that she has not needed a leash at her house; she once escaped from the porch and stayed in the yard. However, for everyone’s safety and well-being we always recommend using leashes or only allowing your dog off leash in a securely fenced area. Molly also enjoys attending her human foster sibling’s softball games – her favorite parts are the treats and the getting attention. If Molly sounds like the right match for your family, apply to adopt her today! She cannot wait to meet you either


If Molly has left paw prints on your heart but you cannot adopt her, please consider sharing her information on social media to help her find her forever home and donating towards her care while she waits for her forever family to find her.