With a coat the color of a caramel macchiato, the energy of a caffeinated beverage, a secret weapon to forcing you to keep a clean house, a “5:00 shadow” and heart melting eyes, we just cannot believe no one has snatched Max up!

Max came to MSGBR in August after being neglected to the point of nearing death. He was not fed regularly, and as a result he was forced to scavenge for food. Sadly, he required emergency surgery to remove a corncob from his intestines. Part of his intestines were necrotic and had to be removed, which made him ill for weeks before his surgery.

In the future, if Max were to get another foreign body he probably would not be able to have surgery again, making general supervision and carefully containing trash imperative. If there was ever motivation for kids to put toys and socks away, this is it. Owning Max forces you to keep a clean house.

We were so happy to get him out of those poor conditions and start nursing him back to health, getting him on the road to his best life.

We were told he was about 10 months old, but in actuality he is probably 3-5 years old.

Described by his foster family as the sweetest, most handsome boy ever, Max is 100% a lover. Whoever is fortunate enough to adopt him will be so crazy blessed.

Max loves to cuddle. If he sees anyone sitting on the bed or couch, he will run over at speed to jump up and sit with them.

His foster family says that he is so food motivated that he would jump in a strangers car for a treat! Max is also very smart, which combined with his food motivation, makes training a fun experience for him. He loves any treats of the “biscuit kind”. As a result of his medical history, he cannot have any hard bones.

Max loves to play and to be outside, especially if he has his tennis ball. Due to his medical history, Max absolutely MUST be supervised with all toys. Ingesting pieces of toys would be incredibly dangerous for him. His foster family has found safe toys that he loves such as a kong ball stuffed with peanut butter then frozen, larger nylabones, and tennis balls (his favorite).

He loves riding in the car and does great at the vet.

Max’s foster family says that he is amazing with other dogs. He is very submissive but loves to play too. He does well with his canine foster siblings, a 6 month old Pyrenees puppy and 2 smaller dogs (cavalier and dachshund).

Max is also great with kids; he has 4 year old twin foster siblings that he loves spending time with.

He also does great with cats, however he gets very excited. He doesn’t chase them or try to play aggressively, he just RUNS straight for them to sniff and lick them. His cat foster siblings are used to this enthusiastic greeting, but other cats may not be.

Max is crate trained and house broken. His foster family crates him when unsupervised, without toys, as due to his medical history he cannot chew unsupervised and being crated protects him from getting into anything while unsupervised.

He is polishing up his manners with his foster family. He is currently working on walking on leash & greeting people like a gentleman. When walking on leash he tends to pull, and when meeting people he tends to get excited and want to give kisses, but his foster mom says that he getting better about that. His adoptive family should be prepared to continue his training, which is a great bonding opportunity.

His foster family has 7 acres which he enjoys playing off leash on. He is a high energy dog and LOVES to get his ya-yas out with zoomies.

He hopes that his adoptive family will have a nice yard for him to run around in and include a hiking, walking or jogging buddy for him to have fun with.

He does chase his chicken foster siblings occasionally hoping they will play with him – they have not yet but he remains forever optimistic!

If Max sounds like the right match for your family, apply to adopt him today! He cannot wait to meet you either!

If Max has left paw prints on your heart but you cannot adopt him, please consider sharing his information on social media to help him find his forever home and donating towards his care while he waits for his forever family to find him.