Rescue is full of difficult experiences because of all the abuse and neglect we encounter, but also because we cannot keep them all or we would not be able to help more dogs. Lucas is one of the dogs we witnessed come from sad circumstances and one we would love to keep. Our loss will be his adopter’s gain!

Can we just talk about this face for a minute? Lucas is just so darn cute. Who can say no this face?!

Lucas is about 6 years old and he is neutered. He weighs 75 pounds.

His hobbies include being a ham, making friends with all humans he meets, cuddling, riding in the car to get Chick Fil A, playing tug, chewing up squeaky toys and chasing tennis balls.

Lucas gets zoomies about once a day but spends most of his time walking around the house seeking attention.

He LOVES people of all ages including children. While he was previously in a home with young children and did well with them, we do not recommend that he be adopted into a home with young children due to his strength.

Lucas loves when company comes over. He greets everyone enthusiastically with butt wiggles and a shin bath.

Lucas eats well and takes supplements daily. When he drinks he usually drools out some the water he drank on your legs and feet. Jesus washed people’s feet, so we think his heart is in the right place 


He cannot live with cats or small dogs, although does well with other dogs, but prefers the ladies.

He is crate and house trained. Lusac is working on perfecting his leash manners with his foster family so that he will be a gentleman for his future family. He was previously fostered in DC and was unfazed by the sirens and vehicles he passed on walks.

He barks when he is startled, so we do not recommend that he live in close proximity to neighbors who may complain such as in an apartment or condo.

If you can see why we love Lucas and can offer him a forever home, apply to adopt him by following this link:

If Lucas has left paw prints on your heart but you cannot adopt him, please consider sharing his information on social media to help him find his forever home and donating towards his care while he waits for his family to find him.
Lucas, Luke- 6 years old. He loves to chase cats but is dog his size and kid-friendly. Loves people and all of the love you would want to bestow on him. House trained. Luke came from deplorable conditions, he deserves the very best life.