ASPIRING PASTRY CAFE OWNER WHO LOVES STOPPING TO SMELL THE FLOWERS SEEKING HER FOREVER FAMILY We like to think that Honey would like to own a pastry cafe because she is a “foodie” who loves assisting her foster mom in the kitchen and she’s an early bird, “ready the catch the worm” (more accurately the squirrel) on morning walks. She loves doing a walk or other fun activities, like playing with a stuffed kong, first thing in the morning. Honey’s foster mom describes her as a sweet, happy, and goofy girl who just wants to be loved and show you, love. She loves pillows, car rides, string cheese, and walkies at the park where she can be on a 20-foot leash and just run and sniff. Honey has a feline foster sibling with who she has done well with. We recommend Honey be adopted by a family with children over the age of 10 who are dog savvy. When she first arrived at her foster home, she did not know her name, any basic commands, how to walk on a leash, or proper dog/cat play behavior. Though Honey is a work in progress with her training, her foster mom says that she has come so far in the time that they have had her. She is very eager to learn tricks and proper behavior, and she has been eager to please. She knows sit, down, stay, place, heel, look at me. Honey is working on clicker training and her foster mom says that she is eager to learn and is an excellent listener. She has been reactive to all dogs other than her foster brother and is working with her foster family and trainer regarding this issue. Honey will need an experienced owner, who is prepared to continue working on training. She has a strong prey drive towards squirrels, bunnies, and birds, but she listens and come back when called when she’s chasing a little furry friend, which is very impressive! Honey enjoys the company of her canine foster brother and loves playing and wrestling with him. Due to her reactivity, we would recommend that if she is adopted by a family with another dog that the dog be mellow. Proper and slow introductions would be important to ensure personalities meshed well. When she arrived at her foster home, she really didn’t know what to do with toys but her foster mom says she is slowly learning. Honey now enjoys food puzzle toys, plush toys, cat toys that make noises like the little mice, which she will throw them in the air and chase to entertain herself. Honey is a foodie – her foster mom says that she loves all food and treats. She enjoys working on Kongs filled with peanut butter or canned dog food. One of her favorite snacks is string cheese. Her foster mom says that when she hears the string cheese being opened she will come running! Her foster mom says that she is completely fine being left home alone but happy they return. Honey hopes to be adopted by a family who takes her on daily walks, who has a big yard that is securely fenced for her to run and play in. Her foster mom says she would love a big comfy couch or dog bed with lots of pillows to snuggle in. If Honey sounds like a good fit for your family, apply to adopt her today! If Honey has left paw prints on your heart but you cannot adopt her, please consider sharing her information on social media to help her find her forever home and donating towards her care while she waits for her forever family to find her.