First what can I say other than LOOK AT THAT FACE! She is an absolute precious nugget of love! Since we can only speculate Gracie’s back story we will focus on her future story. She is a sensitive dog that responds well to treats and love. Gracie is beginning to learn how to be a great pet! She is heeling nicely on a leash and has learned to sit and come. I don’t think she has had a family of her own before, so Gracie will needs a lot of guidance and patience in continuing her education on what it is like to live with humans. Gracie is a complete love bug; she will sit on your lap and offer her beautiful belly for love and rubs! She has a lot of energy and loves to play fetch. She would do best in a home with older children due to her energy level, while she is petite, she is solid! Gracie is in training to become the vest version of herself while waiting for her forever home! Whatever family is lucky enough to adopt her, is getting a wonderful addition!

To help with her transition, I will spend some time with you showing you what she knows and what we are working on and give you lots of tools to continue her progress. If you are looking for a beautiful, loving, cuddly dog and are ready to invest in her with time, patience, and love, then Gracie is the gal for you!!!