SOCK CONFISCATING TAP DANCING FOODIE SEEKING FOREVER HOME Mama Darla has had a ruff road. She arrived to MSGBR with puppies, positive for heartworm. She was even terrified to enter her foster home. Despite her mistreatment making her fearful, her heart of gold shined through. She was such a devoted mama that her puppies had to receive foster care while she underwent heartworm treatment; she could not calm down, always wanting to care for her little ones. All the human mamas out there can surely relate to this! We cannot wait to get her in a home where she is the baby being doted upon as she did with her puppies.

Darla is approximately 3-5 years old. She currently weighs 60 pounds, but this weight is due to her activity levels being restricted and her medications; she will be working on attaining her beach body weight in her foster home. Known in her foster home as “Darling Darla” or “Saggy Nips”, she is the sweetest, most loving girl. She is very appreciative of any attention she gets. Her foster mom describes Darla as being full of joy and love.
She is dog selective, so if you have dogs in your family, meet and greets would be crucial. However, we think she would do well with a medium or large doggy sibling to help show her the ropes; she has done well learning from her foster siblings. She is most especially selective when food is involved (but if we are all honest, no one likes friends who try to eat their French fries, right?). Darla has shown resource guarding tendencies over both meals and treats with her canine foster siblings, but her foster mom has noticed that these behaviors have lessened since she has gotten used to food being readily available and hopes they will continue to improve.
She has a strong prey drive; if she sees a squirrel, she will go for it! She should always be leashed when outside unless in an enclosed fence. She loves wandering, running and smelling the air, so a secure area for her to enjoy.
Darla is a foodie; her foster mom says that due to her food motivation, she has yet to find anything that she dislikes. Her absolute favorite treats are venison, heart, kidney, liver, bully sticks, good n fun kabobs and pepperoni treats.
If Darla sounds like the right match for you and you are ready to work with her through her quirks and love her unconditionally, apply to adopt her today via msgbr.org. She cannot wait to meet you either!
If Darla has left paw prints on your heart but you cannot adopt her, please consider sharing her information on social media to help her find her forever home and donating towards her care while she waits for her forever family to find her.