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Adoptable Bubbles- The moment so many have asked about, we are opening applications up on Bubbles as she heads to the finish line of medical. We will want her to go with someone who has bully/bulldog experience. Here is a bio from her foster mom.
This is Bubbles. Bubbles is looking for the perfect home. She’s not always great with other dogs. She gets too excited when greeting a new canine friend. And she has a bit of resource guarding. But she loves her people. She wants to be with them all day long. She’s happy to jump in laps, she loves to get belly rubs, and she’s thrilled to go on car rides. She kennels fine, but will howl about how unhappy she is in there. She is fully house-trained.
Bubbles is a low-energy girl of 4 years who enjoys short walks, treats, and a securely fenced yard of at least 4 ft. This girl has a serious prey drive and she chases everything. She jumps. Pretty high, too. Kids 6+ are fine. No cats or anything else small and fluffy.