Baby is approximately 2-3 years old. Lovingly known as “Babydoll” in her foster home, this sweet girl is so very deserving of a happily ever after!

When she arrived to MSGBR, she looked to be about 5 because she was so malnourished. She did not understand how to eat out of dog bowl and did not seem to be familiar with dog beds. She was terrified of the hardwood floors in her foster home but found the courage to cross them when food was involved. Her foster family has taken amazing care of her and nursed her back to health. She has adjusted to being a part of a family and she is learning to “dog” well. 
Baby is a bashful love bug. Her foster mom says that she is very sweet, and she will give her humans kisses until the end of time. She is an anxious girl, but her tail never stops wagging. Her foster family adores her and knows that she will be an epic blessing to the right family. 

Due to her size, inter-personal canine quirks and her intelligence, she will need an experienced owner.
While she loves her humans, she is not fast friends with other dogs. She has been working on socializing with other dogs with her foster family. They have found that she needs space and boundaries with other dogs. She can become jealous when other dogs get attention. She is fearful of other dogs and may attempt to display dominance to defend herself. As such, she would do best being the only dog in the home.

Baby is wonderful with children and has done well with her bunny foster sibling. Since she needs to be the only dog in a home, if a family had children and small animal like a bunny but wanted a dog, she would be an excellent candidate. 
Baby is currently working on general training with her foster family. She is very intelligent and easy to train. Her foster mom says that she will do anything to please her humans and that she walks well on leash. She sometimes goes to the gym with her foster mom, so they are currently focusing on the “spot” command because it is not easy to work out with a velcro dog stuck to you (;

Baby is working on perfecting her house training; she has never pooped in the house, but she is learning to pee outside consistently. At night, she sleeps on her dog bed. In the morning, she puts her paws on her foster parent’s bed to remind them that their alarms are going off! If she is spooked by something or sees something that she is interested in when outside, Baby will bark loudly, but she can be redirected. 

Her ideal adoptive family would be active but allow her downtime. They will understand that “slow and steady wins the race” and be ready to continue working on training and make accommodations as necessary. 

If you are ready to give Baby a forever home, apply to adopt her today via She cannot wait to meet you either!
If Baby has left paw prints on your heart but you cannot adopt her, please consider sharing her information on social media to help her find her forever home and donating towards her care while she waits for her forever family to find her.