Bella is estimated to be around 11 years old and weighs approximately 70 pounds.
Sweet and sensitive, Bella is a low maintenance dog. She is easy going & goes with the flow; she can be a coach potato or a walking buddy. Like the girls all the guys sing about in country songs, she loves riding in the car, sitting on the porch, & is up for anything.
Great with dogs of all sizes, she is doing well with furry foster siblings that vary in size from 13 to 70 pounds. However, she can play rough and her tail is powerful! So she likely would do best in a home with dogs of comparable size.
She has previously lived with children. This sweet girl would fit well into a variety of homes, but we recommend older children if there are children in the home, as due to her size, she could knock a small child over in her excitement.
Bella’s ideal day is spent going for walks, laying in the sun, sitting on the porch watching the comings & goings of the Neighborhood, & toys, toys, toys! Her favorite toys are squeaky toys, benebones, & antlers. She has shown zero toy aggression & will get vocal with her favorite toys when she is happy.

When it comes to treats, whether they are chewy, crunchy or freeze dried, this foodie is happy to receive any of them!

Bella walks well on leash. Her foster mom reports that she is the most well behaved dog in her house! She knows sit, stay, down, off, give it, drop it, & uses a bell to ask to go outside, which she learned to do by watching her furry foster siblings use the bell.
She can be a nervous girl in new environments with new people. She will bark at strangers approaching the house, but once they are inside, they are her best friends. She is also not a fan of fireworks and thunder storms.
Bella is also a sensitive girl;  she gets her feelings bruised when there is a loud hand clap & raised voices or yelling. A simple stern no works best for her.
To support coat health, Bella eats 4Health Salmon diet and gets an omega 3 supplement.

We know that Bella will make the best companion! If you are ready to give her a forever home, apply to adopt her today. If you are unable to adopt her, consider donating towards her care while she waits to find her family, and sharing her information online to help them find her.