Zeus is about 6 years old and weighs 80 pounds. His eyes just melt the hearts of anyone who shares his gaze.
He came to MSGBR as a stray, skinny and suffering from fleas. He has some residual flea allergy/skin issues on his back, legs and tail that his foster mom is helping nurse him back to health from.

Described by his foster mom as a “total delight to be around”, “always playful and happy” and “the best cuddler who just wants to be loved”, we know that he will make the best addition to the right family.
Zeus is very curious and smart. He uses his nose to “boop” things as he explores his surroundings. While adorable, it can keep you on your toes – his foster mom says he has used this nose booping skill to counter surf and to figure out how to open the trash can in less than a week!

He loves cuddling on the couch or in bed. When he cuddles he is very gentle and lovey.
Zeus’s foster mom says that he is great to have around the house in general and an easy house mate to have.
Like many dogs, Zeus has a strong prey drive so he is not cat or small animal friendly. He is occasionally dog selective and sometimes lunges. He has done best with medium and large breed dogs, but he does not always respect boundaries, so he is best suited to be house mates with a tolerant dog, or to be the sole canine king of the castle.

Due to his size and that he can be jumpy when excited, and that he is dog selective, we do not recommend that he be in a home with small children and we recommend that he be adopted by an experienced owner.
Zeus is always thirsty for adventure – he can jump high and run fast, so he must be adopted by a family with a secure 6 foot fence and who is cautious when opening doors.

Zeus’s favorite toys are ropes and balls. He also enjoys play fighting and playing chase with his canine foster brother, napping and once he has charged up his batteries doing “zoomies” outside!
He is house trained and crate trained; his foster mom proudly says that he has had 0 accidents! She has crated him for short periods (1-2 hours) and he has had no issues.

Zeus’s foster mom says that he is doing well with training. He is extremely trainable and food motivated so he is great to work with. His favorite snack is peanut butter but he is accepting of other foods too!
He knows sit, stay, lay down and paw/shake. He really loves working on catch with baby carrots tossed to him. He is very cute when he crunches them!

He is also working on learning to walk on leash like a gentleman; he pulls a lot so he cannot use a traditional collar and leash set up. He has not mastered recall yet so he is not going to be ready for off leash training until he masters that.
If Zeus sounds like the right match for your family, apply to adopt him today! He cannot wait to meet you either <3
If Zeus has left paw prints on your heart but you cannot adopt him, please consider sharing his information on social media to help him find his forever home and donating towards his care while he waits for his forever family to find him.