Xena is about a year old. She is currently 46 pounds but needs to gain some weight.

She is good with similar sized dogs; in less than a day, she befriended her foster sibling. She cannot live with cats or small dogs.

Do you love velcro dogs? You’ll love Xena! She loves being with her people, being petted and generously gives kisses. She follows her foster parents around like a shadow and prefers to sleep with them at night. While Xena has loved everyone she has met, she has not been kid tested.

Xena’s favorite toys are balls, Kongs and soft toys (with no stuffing).

So far, she is proven to be a foodie; she has happily accepted all food her foster family has offered her.

Xena is easily redirected and responds well when told “no”. She responds best to kind and gentle attention and correction.

Due to her separation anxiety, she must have a canine companion. She cannot be crated but does well in a dog proofed room with another dog to keep her company.

If you are ready to give Xena a forever home, apply to adopt her today via She cannot wait to meet you either!