Penelope is about 5-6 years old and weighs about 45-50 pounds, though she needs to lose a bit of weight.
This girl is sweeter than sugar and is all about sitting in her favorite person’s lap for snuggles. She wants to be with her person all the time. She is low energy and a quiet addition to the household. Penelope would be a great work from home buddy, or a polite addition to a dog friendly office.
Penelope is a foodie; she’s never met a treat that she did not like! Her food motivation makes training fun for her.
She loves chew bones of all kinds and enjoys destroying soft toys. We call her our bargain hunter because finding soft toys on clearance is the best toy shopping strategy for her with how quickly she goes through them (;

Penelope is great with children! She sits to greet them.
We think she would be happiest as the sole queen of the castle, but she could live with a calm, submissive doggy sibling. She does not do well with other dogs barking in her face; she feels that she needs to defend herself. Her foster mom says that she will play with toys in the same area as her furry foster sibling, but she does not enjoy playing with other dogs; she is much more of a people puppy than a puppy puppy.
Penelope is not a cat person. Her prey drive that earned her the title of huntress also means that she should not be in a home with small animals.
She knows sit and is polishing up walking like a lady by prey animals, down, wait and shake. Her foster mom says she walks great on leash – unless a rabbit or squirrel taunts her!
Since Penelope loves attention so much, she sometimes jumps and can be pushy with her furry foster siblings to be petted first (after all, if you’re not first you’re last). She is currently working on polishing up her general manners with her foster mom.
Her ideal home would be quieter; for example, a couple who is retired, allowing them to be with her often, who have grandchildren to visit her, would be great for her.
Before her adoption can be finalized, Penelope must complete treatment for heart worm, then she will need to be spayed. We are still accepting adoption applications in the interim. Please consider donating towards her veterinary bills as she waits for her forever home.
If Penelope sounds like the right match for your family, apply to adopt her today! She cannot wait to meet you either <3
If Penelope has left paw prints on your heart but you cannot adopt her, please consider sharing her information on social media to help her find her forever home and donating towards her care while she waits for her forever family to find her.